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Shijiazhuang Paint Factory

      ShiJiaZhuang Paint Company (SJZPC)was founded in 1956 and it is a share-holding  cooperative company integrating paint and coating research and development,production,sales,application,transportation and sale service.
For more than 60 years of effort  SJZPC has formed a variety of complete systems, wide application and competitive advantage of the product characteristics.
        "Golden Fish" brand has been successfully applied to more than 70 industries, such as railway bus, ship, electric power, bridge, petrochemical, automobile manufacturing, engineering machinery, wind power, construction and other industries like Sinopec, China Railway, National Power Grid, Shaanxi Auto Group and other large high-end customers.
SJZPC has invested heavily in the construction of a modernized and specialized production facility with an area of 150 thousand square meters in Zhaoxian County, in which 8 production workshops, 32 automated production lines and a team of scientific research and technology technicians provide guarantee for high quality and high demand of the products.
        SJZPC actively practise the environmental protection concept of " Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets ". It is the first to invest tens of millions of RMB to install "zeolite rotary absorption +RTO incineration" VOCs treatment technology and equipment, making positive efforts for the improvement of the atmospheric environment in Beijing Tianjin Hebei region.
       Recalling the past, we were heavy with inheritance;
       At present, we are surpassed by innovation;
       In the future, we have been advancing to our goal.