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Environment friendly and healthy coating
Class: introduc DATE:2022-11-16

In 2007, according to the policy requirements of the provincial and municipal governments to "exit from the market and enter the park", the enterprises started to relocate and were listed as "provincial key construction projects" by the Hebei Provincial Government.

The enterprise actively practices the environmental protection concept of "green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains" and invests tens of millions of yuan in the goldfish paint industrial park

The VOCs treatment process and equipment of "zeolite runner adsorption desorption+RTO incineration" have been installed for the production of oily paint,

VOCs treatment process and equipment of "activated carbon adsorption desorption+catalytic combustion" are installed for the production of water-based industrial paint.

It has made positive efforts to improve the atmospheric environment in Beijing Tianjin Hebei region.


"Zeolite runner adsorption desorption+RTO incineration" treatment facility


"Activated carbon adsorption desorption+catalytic combustion" treatment facility


Sewage treatment tank


Natural gas facilities


Gas heat conduction oil furnace facilities